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We have the most advanced and clinically effective toothbrushes available...for a price that will make you smile.  

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Flossing is the most important part of oral care but is often the most neglected. Meet flosstime and never forget to floss again!

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Smartmints balance your oral microbiome.  They reduce acid and bad bacteria for fresh breath and a just brushed clean anytime.

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Brush, Floss, Balance

Oral health is truly the foundation of whole body wellness. This is why we have developed the Brush, Floss, Balance system for better oral health,  a beautiful smile, fresh breath and healthy teeth and gums.

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The Science

Our team of Stanford Ph.D.'s, Designers, Scientists, Hygienists, and world-renowned Dentists have created the most clinically, and technologically advanced oral care products available.

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The 'on-the-go' solution to balance your oral ecology for a just brushed clean. 


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Loved by Customers & Dentist Approved

I have tested all the new gear out there, Quip, Sonicare, Oral-B.. None have anything close to Smilepronto's breakthrough oral care tech and natural pH balancing solutions

Dr. Steve Brattesani, DDS

My Invisalign treatment created swollen gums, yellow teeth and plaque build-up. My Hygienist suggested Smart Mints and after a week my gums feel healthier, my teeth are whiter and I no longer have nasty retainer mouth!  

Cindy Pavell

I never used to floss but now that Flosstime is on my mirror, I can't forget and it's fun to use!  Even my boyfriend has picked up the habit and is now flossing every day.

Kitty Lovestrand